History of Datz Maschinenbau GmbH

Technical innovation, the highest quality and the flexibility of a medium-sized company are the deciding factors for a solid companyDatz Maschinenbau GmbH.


The foundation stone of Dr. Datz Maschinenbau GmbH was placed with the swing stopper sealing maschine for beer bottles.

At the beginning of the 1950s, Dr. Hermann Datz constructed the clip-closing machine, which quickly found many buyers due to the very high production quality and the clear rationalization effects.

The discovery of a genuine gap in the market and the resounding success led to the founding of the company in 1956 by Dr. Hermann Datz, the DR. Datz Maschinenbau GmbH.


The swing stopper sealing maschine still worked purely mechanically. Building on this, technical development was consistently driven forward in the following years. The machines became more modern, in the field of control technology increasingly electronic controls were used. Due to the continuous technical development innovative, electronically controlled special machines could be constructed.

Closing and unscrewing of bottles and other containers of all kinds: that was the clear strategic direction of the company and that was the focus of machine development.

Age of reconstruction

The company was also able to benefit from the general economic upswing in the age of reconstruction. New customer groups were developed and Dr. Datz Maschinenbau GmbH was able to grow and grow steadily.


The position of the company in the market is solid. With our exceptionally high quality and excellent service, we achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Our employees contribute a great deal to this with their high degree of personal responsibility.

Today we serve very diversified and diverse market segments:

Beverage industry
Cosmetics industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Food industry

Thanks to our consistent technical development, we now cover the entire spectrum of modern closing and unscrewing technology.
For special tasks we develop and manufacture tailor-made special machines in individual machine construction.

Dr. Charlotte Datz leads the legacy of company founder Dr. Herman Datz successfully continues and has been managing the company since 1992.

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