Sealing machines

With Datz Sealing machines, all common closures can be easily processed on a wide variety of container types.

Basically we distinguish

Fitting to this, there are conveyors for all cap sizes as well as sorting devices in standard design or combination sorting devices.

Datz sealing machines can be used in many industrial areas:

In addition, Datz produces for any other industry individual solutions for capping machines.

DATZ-Sealing machines

With Datz sealing machines

Capper with quick change-system

Dr. Datz Maschinenbau GmbHWith the new quick-change-system, the sealing machine is even more efficient. The closing unit can be completely changed. All moving parts above the bottle guide are made with low wear and tear and lubrication free. This achieves a high hygienic standard and the sealing machine can be used as an aseptic capper.

For plastic and aluminium roll-on-caps the maximum capacity isur or 2.500 bottles per sealing head.

60.000 bottles per hour or maximal 2.500 bottles per hour per sealing head.

Swing stopper sealing machine

The swing stopper sealing machine is an interesting alternative to the crown cork.
Its nostalgic flair and practical recloseability make it popular with consumers at home and abroad.

Sealing maschine VS1

Dr. Datz Maschinenbau GmbH

Equipped with one capping head, the VS 1 can be used for many types of closures.

Within a few minutes the machine can be changed over to a different closure size because of the simple change system.

Of course, exceptional bottle types such as the „Bocksbeutel“ can also be processed. .

The machine is equipped with an electronical height adjustment.

The capacity is 2.500 bottles per hour.

Cork Sealing maschine

This machine was developed to press special handle cork on gin bottles

Due to the special cork, there are two work steps required, namely an automated cork transfer with the subsequent pushing in of the cork.

The capacity is 2.000 bottles per hour

See a short video of our cork sealing machine

Semi-automatic sealing machine

Bottles and closures

 Bottle height   10 - 350 mm
 Bottle diameter   bis 110 mm
 Roll on caps   30/60; 28 MCA

 >> Special closures and bottles on request.<< 

Equipment and possible uses

  • 2 hand safety control
  • Plexiglas windscreen for the user
  • Electrical drive
  • Many hardened and wear-resistant parts
  • Robust construction
  • Suitable for use as a small test machine as well as for small productions

The capacity is about 600 bottles per hour.

Universal sealing machine with combi sorting device

Dr. Datz Maschinenbau GmbH

This multi headed universal sealing machine is a double machine, which first turns the plastic thread tight and then edges it.
Mechanical centering and an anti twist device ensures optimum alignment with the capping heads and prevents bottels from rotating.

  • Mechanically synchronous drive of all moving parts.
  • Frequency controlled drive.

The universal sealing machine is highly flexible and can be quickly and easily adapted to a wide variety of production conditions.
The change parts can be easily changed and for the conversion to different types of locks, the change system can be converted with very little effort

The capacity is up to

3.000 Flaschen/h bottles per hour .

Universal sealing machine UVM 4

Dr. Datz Maschinenbau GmbH

Existing of two sealing stations, the UVM 4 is designed for sealing the Stelvin-Lux closure. The Stelvin-Lux has an inner thread and is not rolled on in contrast to the standard closures.

The Stelvin-Lux closure requires two operations:

First station

Here the closure is turned over the capsule guide from the bottle mouth and transported to the central star. The three arm sealing head continously lowers over the closure. Once the arms reach the closure, the arms close controlled by a curve and the closing process begins.With approximately 2.8 turns, the closure is screwed in the rear curve area and screwed tight with a certain torque.Held in place by a tension belt, the bottles are protected against twisting during the closing process.

When this process is finished, the sealing head lifts, the jaws open and the bottle is forwarded to the second station.


The screwed closure is edged and the bottle forwarded to the labeler.

Closing special closures

Anlage vom Typ VS-3-R

This machine, Type VS 3, is used in order to process special closures.
These closures are used in the food industry for portioning. The closure is provided with a pourer and is tangible on the neck of the bottle.

Tanks to a special pick and place station, this machine guarantees an output of 6.000 bottles per hour.

6.000 bottles per hour guaranteed.

Combination of filler and capper

We also offer a combination of filler and capper

Data of the filler

  • 20 filling stations
  • Cap: 28 mm standard
  • Belt hight. 1.000 mm
  • Bottle: 1 ltr. VDF
  • Capacity: 3.500 bottles per hour

Daten des Verschließers

  • 3 or 4 sealing headsVerschließköpfe
  • Capacity: 7.500 bph

Both machines can be driven seperately from each other, because they have two driven engines. The height adjustment from filler and capper can also be regulated seperately

Individual protective gear for sealing machines

The Datz company produces for all new and older machines individual protective covers.

The legislator stipulates that - for safety and protection reasons, closing machines must be provided with appropriate protective coverings. This means that the older machines on the market must be retrofitted.

The Datz company offers you the right solution for the legal requirement.

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... is our engagement.

  Many talk about quality, we live for it! 

Quality is evident when it comes to the permanent practical operation of a machine.

Dr. Datz machines are very robust. Many of our machines are meanwhile more than 40 years in use. Therefore we have all kinds of spare parts on stock. .

Through this continuity within the production offer, the machines reach an extraordinary economic level.

How is this high quality achieved?

  • We use seal-free material with high strength.
  • Almost all materials are hardened.
  • The surfaces are specialy treated .
  • All parts that get in touch with water are made of stainles steel.

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